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You wander your eyes through the room. All guys are tensed. Hinata, next to you, sits on the edge of the couch. Sakura stands in front of you, looking impatient, just like Ino, next to her. You look up to your father. He smiles. 'Have courage my daughter' his wise eyes say. Then you look to your brother. He is goofy as always, talking to Kakashi at a loud tone. Next to them Kiba gives you thumbs up, wrapping his arm around his best friends shoulder. You smile, cute as they are together. "Get grabbing" Sakura yells. You stick your hand in the enormous hat and get it right back. Your hand bleeds. You lick the blood of and look into the hat, seeking for something sharp with your blood on it. You pull out a Kunai, also licking the blood of that object. Somehow that pisses of Sakura and Ino. Or is that because Sasuke stands up and offers you his hand. "So the Kunai is yours" you ask in an even voice. Sasuke only nods and walks into the next bedroom. "Be brave my daughter" you father says calmly. "C'mon Sis. I know you can beat his but" Naruto yells. "Absolutely, count on that Niisan" you yell back before walking away, feeling less confident with each step you take. When you close the door and allow Iruka-sensei to lock it you feel scared. You see Sasuke sitting comfortable on the bed. Your Bed. You freeze in place against the door. "Naruto told me your story" Sasuke says, suddenly not so comfortable anymore.  "And I know yours" you slip out. "There is nothing to be afraid of. I'm not a avenger anymore. I only long for reviving my clan" Sasuke says.  "I'm not afraid of you. I'm afraid of the coming two hours" you mutter. "I also know that. I'm only going to help you" Sasuke says. "Prove your right" you hish. "Didn't I just do that. I talk to you calmly, I stay where I am. I make no atempt to make a move on you" Sasuke says. "That's true " you choke out. It seems like your throath slipped close. "Come here please" Sasuke says conserned. You slowly walk up to him. Or at last your legs take you there. When your close enough Sasuke takes your hand and pulls you closer toward him on the bed. You end up in a sitting position, your back against his chest. "I will dry the tears you hide" Sasuke whispers in your ear. Then the gate opens, you cry, allow the tears to stream over your cheecks. Sasuke takes you in his arms and craddels you against his chest. Your burry your head in Sasuke's chest. "Its all OK. Cry away your past and open your way to the future" Sasuke snuggels his face in your hair and whisperes these comforting words. You finally don't feel scared for him anymore. You lean back a little and move you hand up Sasuke's cheeck. You study the proud features of his face. His narrow lips and almost black eyes with a red shine in them. A hint of the Sharingan. The shiny paleness of his skin. But the most facinating feature of Uchiha Sasuke's face are his eyelashes, black with a blue shade and longer than any you've ever seen. Without realising you and Sasuke stare in each others eyes for 3 minutes. Slowly Sasuke moves his hand upon yours. With his other hand he slowly closes both your eyes. Against your expectations your heart starts to stutter in exitement, not in fear. Very softly and slowly Sasuke places his lips upon yours. It's a soft little peck, ending too soon. "I will not do anything you don't want" Sasuke whisperes onto yur lips. Your hand, still resting on Sasuke's cheeck slowly moves. Your pull Sasuke's lips onto yours again. Crashing his mouth a little harder on yours. Sasuke lifts you a little and pulls you closer. Your push Sasuke's lips harder on your by using the hand still placed on Sasuke's cheeck, which heats up more and more by the minute. Surprisingly Sasuke places all control in your hands. You move your free hand under Sasuke's shirt and do some abs-research. Sasuke softly huffs into the kiss that grows deeper by the minute. The hand he placed behind your head and earlyer had closed your eyes with now very slowly move up you stumac. You slowly break the liplocked kiss and you and Sasuke sofly nuzzle, smiling. You notice Sasuke's bottomlips grew fuller, more sensual. You can't help but feel enormousely attracted to him. You fall back in a liplocked kiss. Your bottomlip caught between Sasuke's. His upperlip caught between yours. You slowly chance your position. Sasuke slowly backs up against the wall. Your slip your knees nexto his hips. Your slowly working on Sasuke's shirt, about to rip it on pieces. Sasuke is softly massages your breast, rubbing your nipples with his thumbs at the same time. Your soflty moan into the kiss. Sasuke gently runs his tongue along your lip, begging for entrance to your  mouth. You slowly opened up to him. You ran your nails across Sasuke's back. A very satisfied feeling runs down your spine as this makes Sasuke softly blow a moan in your mouth. You slowly pull away, smiling very satisfied. "That's a face I like to see" Sasuke murmurs arouched enough to give you anything you ask. But instead you pull Sasuke's shirt over his head with a smirk and run your nails over his chest and abs. Sasuke shivers and wants to pulls you lips onto his again. But your refuse and pulls Sasuke's attention to his own hands, resting just below your chest. Sasuke smirks and moves his right hand on the buttons of your shirt. You smile and allow Sasuke one small kiss. But it doesn't stay a small tiny kiss. Sasuke moves a hand to your back and moves your body closer to his. The only thing that seperates you is Sasuke's hand, unbuttoning your shirt. Very slowly your shirt slides away from your body and Sasuke deepens the kiss some more. The hand he placed on you back unhooks your bra. He breaks the kiss to take a peek. His face slowly moves away from yours his nose traces your cheecks and his lips wander across the skin of your neck. You softly moan and move your hands into Sasuke's silk soft hair. Sasuke meanwhile landed his lips on your colarbone and wanders around there. But with your exposed breasts he doesn't wander all to long. Your moans soon tear appart the silence when Sasuke sucks and bites your nipples. You notice Sasuke's stiff member pressing onto your leg. But it absolutly doesn't scare you anymore. Its surprises you as Sasuke kisses a way down your stumac and unbuttons your pants with his teeth. Then he backs off and pulls of your pants. He also takes of his own pants but leaves his short for what they are: on his butt. Sasuke pulls you on his lap again and continues running his lips allong your neck. And he slips his hand into the last piece of cloth on you extremely attaractive body. You moan loudly as Sasuke nibbeles your earlobe and rubs a sertain place between your legs. You pull away your panties yourself and give Sasuke free access to all of you. Sasuke falls back on the bed and takes off his shorts. His member stands proud and high. His Sharingan eyes look at you very seducifely. Your crawl on top of him. He keeps doing the hot eyes and you play it straightforward. You gently grab Sasuke's member and bring him into you. Sasuke moans loudly as you move up and down, usig your legs as support. "Never tought your so tight" Sasuke jokes, moaning, huffing, and smirking.  That remind you. You indeed had no sex for over three months, and altough you never felt need for it, you have to admit that this is just awsome. "My official first time" you joke back, moving more intensive. You continue moving of a half hour straight. Than Sasuke pulls you down onto his torso and pushes a few times very hard. Then you feel a strange wet substance sliding further into your body. Fully exhausted you roll onto the bed and give Sasuke a soft tired kiss. Since this is your bedroom Sasuke puts the blanked over you and makes you a comfy bed where you fall asleep almost imidiatly. He fixes his hair and gets dressed. Your clothes he stuff into a closet so that no-one will notice what has bene going on. He sits down on you table and waits. After 5 minutes he hears footstaps on the stairs and Sakura and Karin come rushing in. "Silence let her sleep for goodness sake" Sasuke growls. He joins the two girls on the stairs and sits down nexto Itachi. "And brother how is she" Itachi asks. "Simply exhausted, but she takes a big part of the blame too" Sasuek answers. Minato gets up and awakens you. You get dressed in a simple dress and follow your father downstairs. There you sit down on Sasuke's lap and continue your nap. Sakura and Karin are planning your death and Ino wants you to die as well but Shikamaru is smart enough to keep her from planning.
This got deleted on Quizilla, and I was really pissed

So this is for my readers on Quizilla

For everyone else, Deidara, Kiba and Kakashi will be up too and I'm working on Shikamaru now.

To be up for readers: Gaara, Iruka, Itachi, Jiraiya, Kankuro, Neji and Zetsu
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